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Check Engine Light
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Commonly ask questions:

What should I do if the Check Engine light comes on?
You should take your car as soon as possible to a repair facility and have the problem corrected.

Can I damage my vehicle if I drive with a Check Engine light on?
Yes you can damage components in your vehicle, for example the catalyst converters, and the damage might manifest after the vehicle is out of warranty.

Can a Check Engine light problem cause me to use more fuel?
Yes Check Engine problems can cause you to use more fuel, and even cause poor performance, especially O2 sensor codes, Fuel adaptation codes, Knock sensor codes,  and EGR codes.

Can additives repair Check Engine light problems?
Chemical for most of the time will work as good as holding hands and singing kumbaya. Check your owners manual.

What is another reason that I should repair a Check Engine light?
Your children and grand children.

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